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Odd Jobs: 10 careers you didn't know existed

By brass Staff on November 1st, 2012 • Careers, College & Career, Jobs, Life
Originally appeared in: Winter 2012brass 10


These ten unusual careers will make people ask, "Wait, you do what?"

  1. Pet psychologist. "Hey, puppy, what do you see in this ink blot?" Even little Rufus can have mental-health problems, so pet psychologists assess disorders, prescribe meds, and help with behavioral therapy.
  2. The nose. Those with a strong olfactory sense are trained to recognize and concoct perfumes from up to 2,000 smells.
  3. Forensic accountant. In what has to be more exciting than tax season, forensic accountants investigate and analyze financial evidence for legal proceedings and trials. They may also testify in court as expert witnesses.
  4. Fashion-trend forecaster. Cloudy with a chance of hot pants? Fashion forecasters use their instincts and keen observations of society to advise designers, manufacturers and retailers on trends and products that could be the next big thing.
  5. Menu engineer. Using a mix of consumer psychology and pricing tactics, these strategists design restaurant menus to persuade customers to buy the most profitable items.
  6. Clinical ethicist. If two patients come to the emergency room at the same time, who should be treated first? Clinical ethicists help doctors and health-care teams make ethical medical decisions, from whether an experimental treatment should be used to what costs insurance should cover.
  7. Roller coaster tester. These engineers develop control systems and maintain sensors to ensure that amusement park rides are safe. They are also the guinea pigs that take the first ride up the tracks.
  8. Foley artist. As members of the postproduction team for films, Foley artists get creative with props and everyday objects to create background sounds like footsteps, punches and creaky doors that bring action to life on screen.
  9. Auctioneer. We're certain you've heard of them, but did you know auctioneering is a legit job that can bring in six figures? These fast talkers make a commission selling everything from used cars to fine art.
  10. Smoke jumper. As highly trained firefighters, smoke jumpers parachute into remote wildland areas to fight raging flames.


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